Clara Luz

by Draag

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clear light


released February 21, 2020

"Cee" "Alternative Privilege" and "Baby Fog" recorded and mixed by Jon Nunez
"Ghost Leak""Trauma Kit" and "Around My Fear" recorded and mixed by draag
Mastered by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege
Art direction by Angelo Rosales and Kelly Guan


all rights reserved



Draag Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Cee
Justify my pressures my fears
Don’t, don’t wait up on me, steer clear
Your seether, your seether
I’m melting in your seether
I won’t harm you, I won’t harm you
I’ll keep my distance
I won’t harm you, I won’t harm you
I will keep my distance
I’m trying to break you
You’re heart is see-through
I wish I could help you
But you’re hard to see through
Track Name: Ghost Leak
I meant to tell you this earlier
but my heart was in a tank
I’ve lost control of who I am
and need to come back
A sigh of relief is nowhere to be found
but infectious smiles breed
Bind me to the pool and please let me
Feel the heat
Follow me to
Your new home
Track Name: Alternative Privilege
Better days lie ahead 
Tell that to the kids
They’re the ones with missing heads
Bitter and blessed
I’ve lost control
I’m free
I’ll take a chance
on you again
Frail hearts in a stand
Just don’t do that again
Let me serve you

I won’t look back
Track Name: Trauma Kit
A treated Saturday breaths a pretty blue
I wish this day would end
There’s not enough time, but I need it all
I can’t help but lie
Come back, it’s best we figure it out 
I can’t do this alone, I can’t wait for 
There’s not enough time, but I need it all
I can’t help but lie
Track Name: Around My Fear
Come try again
Try to compensate the dread
I know that I’m not there
but I really want to be
Bet your soul
I know I would give up mine 
Tell a bedtime story for those
who wound up dead
Speak, devil, come and take your claim
Dream angel, appear before my name 
My darkest hour sounds like someone else’s bliss
Seen your darkest hour and you
want to see more
Hold my hand if it helps you to pretend
I’m still meant to be here
Day starts again 
Speak, devil, come and take your claim
Dream angel, appear before my name
Rest your head on my clean table
Fade into the shade if you
don’t feel stable
Don’t bounce around my fear
Track Name: Baby Fog
Say what you want to say
Pray what you want to pray
I won't judge you at all
I'll praise you for it all
Distant breeze of plastic breath
Flaccid pins with no depth
I'll take it easy
When you make it easy
You see, I've settled, unbeknownst to me
You see, I'm better, than you believe me to be  
You see, I'm ready, to bleed in make believe 
You see, I'm ready, to be who you want me to be
I'll cast a spell and speak in tongues so you can understand

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